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          Jinhai is located in A Zone,Stainless Steel Industrial Cluster ,Changzhou District ,Wuzhou City ,Guangxi Province and occupies an area of 385,000 Sq.m ,including 157,000Sq.m building area of workshops ,warehouse ect.,it is the core enterprise of Stainless Steel Industrial Cluster and one of the important industrial transferring projects from Guangdong undertaken by Government of Wuzhou City.
          We are specialized in high- quality S.S smelting and processing , adopt Continue casting Direct Rolling (CCDR) to make S.S Rope ,facilized  by advanced 1 Million t/a smelting production line ,CCDR production line , the Highly-automatic 9 direct rolling Mode 750 Hot-Rolling production line  with  machine sets, Siemens PLC automatic speed control system , programmable systems ,Steel rope production line with power supplying and distribution systems, waterfeed and drain systems,heat supplying system ,Oxygine- make system ,environment-protection and fire-fighting equipments etc. ,annual yield of hot-rolling  wide S.S strip is 1 million tons ,annual yield of cold-rolling S.S strip is 800,000 tons ,annual yield of S.S Rope is 200,000tons .We have a complete industry chain to make S.S plate and rope from waste steels ,we are the unique corporate who has the shortest production line with the most complete S.S industry chain.
           We adopt Continue casting Direct Rolling process ,we have obvious advantage in improving finished products ratio ,shortening the cycle of production and decreasing energy consumption ,compared with the traditional process , it is encouraged by the country to adopt short process to use waste steel and fit the national technical policy of Steel industry .
          We insist  management philosophy that  people oriented ,continuous innovation ,own advanced and scientific corporation management system ,high-skilled and rich-experienced management team  and excellent staffs to give a powerful guarantee to produce the high-quality S.S products.

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